August 31, 2016

New Hampshire’s Hatchland Farm’s Coffee Milk Reigns

Some people put milk in their coffee. At Hatchland Farms in North Haverhill, New Hampshire they put coffee in their milk, a thick, creamy blend of delicious milk with a coffee flavor. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

Coffee milk was one of the few things on my list of “must haves” when we recently made a visit to family and friends in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Hatchland Farm's Coffee Milk

For me, hot coffee on a hot summer morning isn’t all it should be. I love coffee—though I’ve cut back the amount I intake significantly in recent years—but I can’t drink it when I already wake up sweating and it’s 90 degrees outside.

Enter Hatchland Farm’s Rippin’ Good Coffee Milk to save the day. It’s the perfect summer morning drink—cool, refreshing, with a punch of coffee to get me started.

Hatchland Farms is a family owned and operated business that produces and processes their own milk and ice cream products. The farm produces milk from 400 cows, processes it on the farm, and sells it to home delivery customers as well as retail stores throughout New England. Trip Advisor rates Hatchland Farm’s ice cream as the “best in the north country!”

Make Hatchland Farm’s ice cream stand in North Haverhill, NH, a must stop if you decide to visit the North Country!

Jacob Grant Photography Coffee Milk

Happy as a kid in a store full of LEGOs at Hatchland Farm’s Wicked Good Dairy Delights in North Haverhill, New Hampshire.


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  1. Hatchland Farm - Kris May

    November 30th, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Your blog post was just brought to our attention and we would like to “Thank You” for such great publicity! So happy that we are one of your “must stops” when you come home to visit. Stories like these make us Smile!!

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