Meet my wife, Danielle,
and our beautiful son.

(it's what the cool kids do)

Let me apologize right up front for the powerhouse of awesomesauce you're about to see on my blog. My readers may experience high levels of positivity and bouts of laughter as I gush about the things I love—my wife, my boy, my exciting job as a wedding photographer, and my blessed life on Maui, HI.

My introductory apology

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Get to know your clients, guys. It pays! In the photo below you’ll see one very unhappy little 4-year-old boy. He was not in the mood for pictures that day. Despite his family’s awesome two week vacation on Maui, he was tired and grumpy. I felt bad for the Little Guy.     As I worked with […]

February 7, 2017

The first time Vanessa was in front of my camera was her brother Jason’s wedding in 2009. She wasn’t even a teenager then, but she had her brother’s charm, a charm that seems to run in her whole family—her brother is the nicest guy in the world (no, really); her older sister Fawn is the most […]

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October 24, 2016

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I’ve known Nancy’s family ever since I was a little kid. She comes from a large family of seven kids and has the distinct privilege of being one of the youngest! I watched her grow up as a squeaky-voiced little bundle of energy into the refined, elegant, country chic woman she is today.     Nancy […]

October 18, 2016

What Facebook knows about us is scary. I was recently talking to a couple of friends who were surprised by the way Facebook ads almost always seem to have something to do with their recent Google searches or browsing history. I explained that it’s because Facebook tracks our every move because they’re in the government’s […]

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October 3, 2016

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I think my wife and I were destined to be “islanders” the day we decided to honeymoon on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie and we got our first taste of “island time.” Actually, we wanted to hit up the roller coaster capital of the world in Sandusky, Ohio, but then someone told us about Kelleys […]

September 26, 2016

Black and white photography can be tricky because, frankly, not all photos are created equal. By that I mean, not every photo can be converted to black and white and still look good. Things like cluttered backgrounds, busy images, or like colors will do nothing but a make a black and photo look like muddled. So what […]

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September 22, 2016

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Pinterest is, for most people, a wonderful epicenter of creative ideas. For most photographers, however, Pinterest is the bane of our existence, especially if you’re a photographer who does baby and infant photography. Every parent has seen those wonderful baby photos on Pinterest—the collection of perfectly captured, one-in-a-million, super-duper adorable, contest-winning portraits—and when they bring […]

September 20, 2016

I found this little beauty on clearance for $60. It’s a simple, fixed-focal length lens that I’ve developed a deep fondness for, especially when it comes to portraits. Produced by Canon, there’s two things I love about this lens. NUMBER 1 • RAZOR SHARP FOCUS This Canon lens is quick, and by that I mean […]

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September 12, 2016

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Some people put milk in their coffee. At Hatchland Farms in North Haverhill, New Hampshire they put coffee in their milk, a thick, creamy blend of delicious milk with a coffee flavor. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted! Coffee milk was one of the few things on my list of “must haves” when we recently […]

August 31, 2016

My son has arrived! Tobias Alexander. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 22 inches long. If I could use one word to sum up what I witnessed as my wife labored and gave birth, it would be strength. I saw my wife do the miraculous. I saw her push past limits I never […]

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June 30, 2016

Jacob Grant and his wife Danielle are based in Maui, Hawaii. While Jake specializes in photographing weddings of all kinds – local and destination; in castles, beaches, and barns – Danielle is a health and fitness coach with

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Jacob and Danielle share a kiss atop Maui's famous volcano, Mount Haleakala.


My wife and I made a parody rap video in 2013 that landed us on national TV! We got an all-expenses paid trip to New York City and a spot on Katie Couric's daytime talk show where we won $594. The video at right is a short excerpt of our appearance on Katie's show.

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