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Danielle is an outstanding mom and the best life partner I could ask for. She's a health and fitness coach with

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Welcome to my groovy corner of the web! This blog is vital to my business because it gives my clients a chance to get to know me, my amazing wife, and our beautiful boy.

I'm a destination wedding and portrait photographer living on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Not a day goes by when I don't consider myself blessed to be here. It's an incredible place that eases the mind and relaxes the body. People who visit to have their weddings here discover something magical. Locals call it the "Aloha spirit." It's the feeling of "ohana," or family. It can't easily be explained, only experienced.

It's a privilege to work with the people I serve because when they visit I see them come alive in a way they never have before. Maui brings out the best in people, makes them as fun and friendly and beautiful as the island itself. That's not some weird esoteric talk. That's the nature of Hawai'i.


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Due to the influence of school friends, a silly game, and the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," Danielle picked her wedding date of June 30, 2012, nine years prior.

She told me about this little inside joke on our third date in August 2011 because she didn't want me hearing it from any of her family who might scare me off. I didn't bat an eye. I liked what I had seen of Dani so far and her family reminded me of my own.

"June 30, 2012?" I said. "That gives us plenty of time."

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Main Website

Blogs about my family


Our 9-year-old wedding date

Danielle and I met while I was the photographer at her sister's wedding. I tell people that I didn't ask her out at the reception because I'm a consummate professional, but the truth was I was nervous. A couple weeks later though I sought her out and asked her out.

Now, most people's idea of a first date is dinner and a movie, or maybe go do something fun like hang out at a carnival or a board walk. No, not Dani. Her idea of a first date was to invite me up to the lake to hang out with her family—her WHOLE family; mother, father, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins. It was trial by fire!




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Jacob and Danielle share a kiss atop Maui's famous volcano, Mount Haleakala.

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