It's no secret what Hawai'i realtors need: quality photography and video that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, comes with branded and unbranded options, and isn't stamped with a copyright. With my photography services, I offer realtors the same high-end treatment I give to my family photo clients, my brides, my graduates, and everyone in between. My aim is to captivate your clients through quality artistic photography that illuminates your properties in a fashionable, attractive, and straight-forward manner.

I believe realtors are like me—they're romantics at heart. They want people to fall in love with a new home. So let's work together to help your clients find their next great love story!

Simplifying Realtor Needs

My commissioning rate for real estate photography starts at $200 and tiers up accordingly. Photographs that require me to be present at the property at a certain time—i.e. sunset shots, early mornings—may require an additional visit. Properties with many rooms or numerous features may also require more time to photograph.

Prices and expectations


If your property is exceptional, or if it contains features that may take additional time to photograph—such as custom woodwork, tiling, scenery, landscaping—or if for any reason you need a more precise quote, please give me a call or shoot me an email. Please include the specifics of the property and what you would like me to photograph. I usually respond within a day.

I also offer high resolution video ads for an additional $100. Please inquire for details.

Ask me for a quote

Prior to me photographing the unit the property should be cleaned and placed in the manner that you want it photographed. I will do my best to get the shots needed to represent your property in the most appealing way, but it's not fair to YOU for me to spend my time sweeping floors, staging furniture, moving things around, etc. Mahalo!








Jacob and his wife Danielle share a kiss atop Maui's famous volcano, Mount Haleakala.


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